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What is recovery?

There are 2 different meanings for recovery. However, they may overlap. These are:

Clinical recovery, and

Personal recovery.


Some people think of recovery as no longer having mental health symptoms. Sometimes this is called ‘clinical recovery’. Dealing with symptoms is important to a lot of people. But we think recovery is wider than this, we call it ‘personal recovery’.

Personal recovery means that you are able to live a meaningful life. What you want to in your life will be different to what someone else wants to do with their life. Don’t be afraid to think about what you would like to do and work towards that goal.

Below are some ways you can think of recovery:

Taking steps to get closer to where you would like to be. For example you may want a better social life.

Building hope for the future. You could change your goals, skills, roles or outlook.


Recovery is an ongoing process. It is normal to have difficulties or setbacks along the way. You could describe yourself as ‘recovered’ at any stage in your recovery if you feel things are better than they were before.


Eclipse Care can support you during these times by:


  • helping you plan your personal recovery goals

  • Support you to attend appointments

  • Outreach support and companionship

  • Practical support at home

  • Helping to maintain community links

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