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Inclusive support in the community for adults with an Autistic spectrum condition and/or learning disabilities, complex care needs and associated challenging behaviours.

With over 30 years combined experience within the Eclipse Care leadership team we have developed the skills and knowledge it takes to effectively support individuals with complex care needs. We understand that sometimes people present behaviours that can challenge the support they receive, At Eclipse Care we believe that this should not exclude people from having access to support that enables them to live a full and meaningful life. We place the individuals at the centre of all the support we provide, We recognise all individuals have aims and aspirations and should be supported to achieve their goals encouraging people to achieve their optimum potential.

We can help with:

• Support to successfully live in your own home as independently as possible

• Help in building skills to assist with money management

• Training to help gain confidence and independence

• CV preparation, Job searches and interview role plays

• Learning to stay healthy and exercising

• Support with medication and health appointments

• Discovering new interests and having fun

• Accessing vocational training and work experience

• Working towards independence with personal care tasks

• Developing social skills to build friendships

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